2019-03/04 Newsletter

Happy Spring.

In March we had a wonderful time at the WCA Convention. We’ll share a few of the things we did and some of the things we learned. Enjoy and we hope you see you in 2020 in Jacksonville!

Greg Chalmers, Jr Joey Director, teaching a rope trick

We learned some Magic Tricks

Here’s how to prepare your own magic rope –

First you will need cotton rope or cotton clothes line, avoid Nylon and Polyester ropes.

  1. Look at the end of the rope; the proper type of rope for making Magician’s Rope will have a layer of braided rope around the outside of a bundle of “core” fibers in the center.  Push the outside layer back away from the core fibers.
  2. Pinch the end of the “core” with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and grasp the braided layer with the other hand.  As you pull the core out of the center of the rope you will use your other hand to push the braided layer down the length of the rope separating the center from the outside layer of the rope.
  3. You will need to stop occasionally as you do this.  Slide the excess outside layer down and a way from the core otherwise the outside layer will bunches up and cause the center core to catch.  If you are not careful the core will break off down inside the center layer. If this happens you will need to start the process over on the other end of the rope.  If you break it off on both end you will most likely have to start over with a new piece of rope.
  4. Once you have the “core” out of the rope you will need to prepare the ends in some manner to keep it from fraying.  If you are only doing a basic cut and restored rope trick where the rope will only be a one time use, then you do not have to do anything to the ends.  But if you hope to use the rope multiple times then you will want to prepare the ends of the rope.

Three different ways to prepare the ends of the rope –

  1. My favorite way is to take a toothpick and tuck the cut ends back down into the center of the rope.  This takes a little of your time but is much quicker than waiting for to glue to dry and it looks better than taped ends.
  2. The ends of the rope can be dipped in white Elmer’s school glue and left to dry overnight.  It is not practical if you need to do an on the spot magic show.
  3. If you are in a hurry you can use transparent tape (the kind you use to wrap birthday presents) to wrap around the ends of the cut rope.  This works well for many tricks. However, I do not recommend this method for certain cut and restored tricks, but again for most cut and restored tricks you will want to leave the rope ends unprepared.
Donald Carpenter also talked with the Jr Joeys about Magic.
Water Spitting with Lee Andrews

We also attended regular classes, such as ‘Water Spitting.’ Thanks, Lee

Some of the best classes were ones that we had in our Jr Joey Room

Randall Munson talks to the Jr Joeys about creating a voice for your puppet

Jr Joeys also made some new clown friends

And learned new skills

Some of the Jr Joeys even got to perform with Ben Christensen for the Clown Worship Service

Jr Joeys with Ben Christensen
Keenan’s take on how much he learned at the Convention in Albuquerque