2018 September Newsletter

Hello, this is the Ballooning section of the Junior Joey Newsletter

The flying mouse is a fun creation that can actually fly! (for a short while)
It is great when you don’t have a lot of time and need to finish up a line.
And here’s a short skit you can do with it!

 Fun Game for Character Development

Minimum Players Needed: 1
Maximum: As space allows

This month’s joke

Q: Did you hear about the mouse who attended Clown school?
A: Yeah, he barely squeaked by!

Online guide to catching a mouse (shows mouse trap with an SD card on it)      Computer mouse is trapped in the mouse trap

From Comic to Gag idea

Briefcase with sign that reads High tech mousetrap    Inside the briefcase is a picture of a computer mouse in a mousetrap

We hope you enjoyed this month’s newsletter!